CFC Stories

Personal stories inspire and connect us as we work to reach a common objective or goal, and storytelling within the CFC can be a powerful tool as we work together to make a difference for those in need. Are you passionate about disaster relief, veterans services, animal rights, medical research, or another great cause supported through the CFC? Behind each chosen cause is a story, and by sharing these personal stories, we create a deeper connection with each other, participating charities, and those that benefit from our CFC contributions.

Choose your cause and Show Some Love by sharing why it’s important to you! Develop your personal story by thinking about the following questions:

  • Which charitable cause is most important to you?
  • Why is this cause important to you?
  • How does it make you feel to support your cause through the CFC?

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Below are some sample stories to get you started.

Success Stories

Oscar's Story

Before and after pictures of a boy who had cleft surgery and his mother

A CFC Charity Success Story 

When Oscar was born with a cleft lip and palate, his parents worried about how they would care for him. Not only is access to basic healthcare limited where they live in El Salvador, but Oscar's parents found little information about how to fix his condition. To make matters worse, they were heart-broken when others made fun of how their baby looked.

James's Story

three men with a small robot

James Carr, United States Patent and Trademark Office

I got involved in a robotics club because my eight-year old son, Frankie, wanted to do Lego robotics. At that time, my wife drove 90 minutes south twice a week to take him to the only team that accepted home-schoolers. I was an engineer and I thought, “how hard can it be?” I told my wife that I would coach a team. 

Ruth's Story

blue circle reading "Show You Care"

Ruth Starr, General Services Administration

As a federal employee, I have been involved in the CFC for many years and was very glad to see that volunteer hours could be pledged through the campaign. I jumped at the chance to volunteer at a CFC-supported charity that works with blind people. The organization has a training program to help sighted people understand how to help blind and visually-impaired people. I have had a great experience helping the administrative staff at their office. I was even able to help by donating items to their silent auction.

Nancy's Story

photo of a woman

Nancy West, U.S. Deptartment of Housing and Urban Development

My cause is childhood cancer. My cause is important to me because families with children that are seriously ill have so much worry and stress in their lives.

Veteran Finds his True Home

Cause: Military/Veterans

In 2005, Army Veteran Keith Caldwell found himself homeless. He was dealing with addiction and lost everything. After moving extensively, Keith visited a Mission, where he was sent to a CFC-supported Veterans organization to move into one of the supportive transitional houses...

Making Ends Meet

Cause: Health Care/Poverty/Hunger

A CFC-supported financial services organization helps clients who are going through tough financial times. For example, Joan*, a single mother with 3 children, suffered a work-related injury and it took over 3 months for her Worker’s Compensation payments to process...

An Easy Way to Give Back

IT2 David Blake and Roger Mireles talk about the benefit of giving through the CFC.

“Donating through the CFC helps give money to trustworthy organizations who are in an immediate position to help worldwide. Most people want to help, but are always so busy working that they miss opportunities to give back to the community and help those in need. The CFC gives us an easy opportunity to contribute..."

Colin's Story

Colin Huckins

Lt Col Colin R. Huckins, U.S. Air Force

My cause, youth sports, is important to me, because I believe it is an excellent avenue for the preparation of youth for the challenges of life. Leadership and followership, teamwork, and myriad social skills are cornerstones of sports and competition. It also provides kids an opportunity to be mentored by adults and peers when they may not have that in their home life...

Tajuana's Story

Tajuana Grinnell

SFC Tajuana Grinnell, U.S. Army

My cause is supporting military familes. During rough times, military families need extra help and support from programs and organizations. As an active duty soldier, I have personally witnessed...

Joseph's Story

Joseph Lipari

Joseph Lipari, Retired Civilian, U.S. Air Force

My cause is people with disabilities because my wife has several physical and mental disabilities. We have worked with several CFC-supported charities to educate key people in insurance and government that many forms of mental illness are as much a physical impairment of the brain  as diabetes is to the pancreas...

Xiomara's Story

Xiomara Creque

Xiomara Creque, Export Import Bank of the U.S.

My cause is human trafficking, which is a deplorable crime. Humans should never be used as a commmodity or a profit-making source. The impact of CFC funding is a nationwide outreach that provides more awareness. The CFC is a good organization supporting fundraising for domestic and international non profits in various fields.

Roger's Story

Roger Mireles

Roger Mireles, U.S. Department of Agriculture

My cause is the eradication of hunger and providing access to education: issues that are critically important to the elimination of poverty. Hunger and undernourishment have devastating, long-term impacts on children that directly affect their ability to learn and develop. If we can address these issues, we can address the issue of poverty...

Donna's Story

Donna Appenzeller

Donna Appenzeller, U.S. Postal Service

My cause is animal rescue. As an animal lover from a young age, I appreciate the gifts our pets give to us. Our rescue, Fioa, was dying when we found her. She had been confined to a wire cage for some time; her paws and belly were sore due to the wet environment...

Mollie's Story

Mollie King

Mollie King, Broadcasting Board of Governors

My cause is veterans. Both my father and my husband retired from the U.S Air Force, so veterans are very near to my heart. My father served in World War II, as well as during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. My husband served during Operation Desert Storm. By donating through the CFC, I can help disabled veterans obtain medical and social services...

Odis's Story

Odis Roberts Image

Odis Roberts, CFC Charity Beneficiary

A few years ago, Odis Roberts found himself in a very difficult situation. After losing his job, he was no longer able to afford housing and resorted to living out of his car for weeks before a friend suggested contacting a CFC-supported charity that provides shelter to those in need....

Immer's Story

Immer Nieves Picture

SK3 Immer Nieves, U.S. Coast Guard

My cause is protecting our oceans from pollution. Growing up in Puerto Rico, the ocean was my life. I would go to beaches almost daily to fish and surf. I cannot recall how many times I have seen beaches littered with trash or going fishing and reeling in a plastic bag ...

Mary's Story

Mary Coats Picture

Mary Coats, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

My cause, access to sports for individuals with disabilities, is important to me because I have seen how much these sports programs can help increase confidence, independence, and fitness, just by reducing the barriers to participation ...