Campaign Engagement

Thank you for choosing to Show Some Love and participate in the 2019 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Your work empowers and inspires the generosity of the picture of drawn balloonsfederal community, and together we can have an even greater impact.

The CFC is one of the largest and most successful annual workplace campaigns, raising millions of dollars each year for organizations like yours. As the only authorized charitable solicitation of employees in the federal workplace, the CFC offers access to a critical source of unrestricted funds for participating nonprofits and an inexpensive way to attract new donors.

Your involvement in our local campaign activities is critical to the CFC's success. You are strongly encouraged to attend events to which you are invited. Information shared by your organization educates donors and helps them understand the importance of the CFC to participating charities. We look forward to working with you to attend campaign events and hope the following information is helpful as you plan for the upcoming campaign. Download our Charity Engagement Briefing.

Reasons to Participate in Campaign Events

Participating in campaign events is so important! Here are a few key reasons why:

  • Get face-to-face with feds through one of the best opportunities you have to tell the story of the important work you do.
  • Show Some Love to the federal community by saying thank you, showing how you can support them in a time of need, and supporting the agency campaign worker who spent time and effort putting together an event.
  • Make events fun and successful by bringing interesting activities, promo items, giveaways and information to help make the event memorable.
  • Increase participation and donations. Campaign events increase participation in the campaign and thereby donations for you and other participating charities. Remember, a rising tide raises all ships!

Tips for Donor Engagement


  • Attend a training session for charity engagements for advice and information.
  • Be memorable and engaging. Set up an engaging display area so attendees will be drawn to your table. Consider incorporating a game, activity, or prop to demonstrate your mission. The more creative, the better, but remember to double-check with the event coordinator to ensure what you are planning is allowed.
  • Tell your story. Prepare a 30- to 60-second engaging, elevator pitch about your organization and how donations through the CFC help further your programs. Ask questions about the causes they are interested in. Be sure to promote participation in the campaign and not just ask for donations to your own organization.
  • Bring giveaways. Who doesn't like free stuff? While attendees always appreciate practical items like totes and pens, your organization an also bring a bowl of candy or another small treat to attract visits to your table! Consider having at least one creative giveaway that shows the impact of a donation or success toward your mission. Make sure your giveaway has your 5-digit CFC code on it.
  • Promote event attendance. Share on your social media channels in advance and share photos or videos during and after the event (if allowed) as well.


  • Print your 5-digit CFC code on all of your materials and display it prominently on your website.
  • Use the Show Some Love theme in your own promotional efforts. For example, you could include something on your home page or in an e-newsletter that says, “Show Some Love to [charity mission] by giving to [charity name] through the CFC. Our designation number is [5-digit CFC code].”


  • Make the ask. During the campaign, ask any known supporters who are federal employees/retirees to give to your charity through the CFC. 
  • Promote opportunities for federal employees to donate their time and talent as part of the new volunteerism component of the campaign. 
  • Incorporate messaging specific to retirees in your communications strategies. Ensure they are aware that they can support your organization by making a donation through the CFC.
  • Talk about the ability to give through payroll deduction, which enables donors to give a little bit each pay period, adding to a significant contribution at the end of the year. 
  • Encourage your supporters to educate their co-workers about your organization so that they too can direct their donation to further your mission.


  • Utilize social media to promote designations to your charity through the CFC. Be sure to include your 5-digit code, tag your local CFC zone, and include the hashtag #ShowSomeLoveCFC. 
  • Share your success stories, photos, and videos on your social media channels and websites, in donor communications, and with local CFCs so that they may also promote your great work. 
  • Target earned and paid media to the federal audience through pitching and advertising.

Play by the Rules

Throughout the campaign, charities may have an opportunity to meet directly with campaign leaders and federal employees. As you pursue these opportunities through charity fairs and speaking engagements, follow the guidelines set forth by the CFC to help make the most of your time with these potential donors.

  • Charity representatives participating in CFC events should:
    • Only RSVP to event invitations when your organization is available. 
    • Please respect that the event coordinator is working hard to prepare a well organized event for their agency. Failure to notify the event coordinator of your inability to attend after your RSVP has been confirmed will impact your eligibility to attend future events.
    • After receiving confirmation of your RSVP for an event, if you are unable to attend, contact the event coordinator immediately. Do not send a different representative from your organization to participate without prior authorization from the event coordinator.
    • Ensure you have proper identification to enter the federal facility by checking in advance. Some facilities may require two forms of identification. Credit cards are never acceptable identification.
    • Respond to event invitations promptly and completely. When invited to an event, respond promptly to all subsequent requests for information required for security clearance. Many secure facilities must finalize the guest list up to a week in advance.
    • Only attend events to which your organization receives a confirmation of your RSVP.
    • Promote overall participation in the campaign, not only your organization, especially at speaking events.
    • Dress and act professionally.
    • Obtain permission before engaging in raffles, drawings, or any promotion which could be construed as gaming or gambling
    • Follow all instructions provided by event organizers.
    • Only take photographs when authorized to do so by the event coordinator. Often photography is restricted in federal facilities.
    • Use only the display area allotted, understanding that it may be necessary to share table space with other organizations.
    • Greet, receive, and thank all people with respect, dignity, and enthusiasm.
  • The sale of promotional items or collection of names or funds at CFC events is strictly prohibited. Promotional items of nominal value may be distributed.