CFC Cause of the Week: Veterans

woman in military uniform shaking hand of older veteran

This week, we honor the men and women who have served and protected our country. With bravery and sacrifice, our veterans answered the call of duty. Now we have the opportunity to return the favor and serve them. 

When veterans return from active duty, the transition to civilian life is often challenging. Translating military experience to the civilian workforce presents challenges, while physical and mental trauma experienced during their service can impact their daily lives. On a single night in January 2017, roughly 40,000 Veterans were experiencing homelessness and just over 15,000 were unsheltered or on the street. Thankfully, there are charities that provide veterans and their families with services ranging from housing and medical care, to counseling and professional development. 

Here's how you can make an impact:

  • $50 secures jobs for four veterans.
  • $300 pays for a service member to attend a career opportunity day, helping them reintegrate into the private sector.

To download cause week social media graphics and website banners, visit our Cause Week Toolkit.

To learn about what this cause means to one federal employee, read Mollie's Story.

Date of Event: 
Monday, November 5, 2018 - 08:00