Wright-Patterson AFB Only

This a special page of guidance and resources for Wright-Patterson Air Force Base personnel.

Memo - Blackout Dates for Fundraisers 

During this year's CFC blackout dates (3 Oct through 16 Nov), only CFC awareness events are authorized. Solicitations of outside organizations/charities is not authorized. To request a digital copy of the memo from the 88 FSS regarding this guidance, please contact: [email protected]

This is the first page of a memo from Wright Patterson Air Force base prohibiting fundraising during the CFC.
















This is the second page of the 88 FSS memo outlining the restriction on fundraising during the CFC.
















Guidance on Alternate Duty for Military and Civilian Personnel for CFC Events

The 88 Air Base Wing has issued guidance regarding this year's CFC activities. The campaign dates are 3 October through 16 November. Organizations are encouraged to conduct CFC awareness events during this period. There are two major events planned that are open to all personnel and designated as alternate duty locations for military and civil service personnel, mission permitting. 

  • The CFC Charity Fair and Campaign Kickoff will be held on Wednesday, 3 October, from 1100 to 1300, at the Nutter Center.
  • The annual Pumpkin Chuck will be on 2 November, from 1100 to 1500, along the NMUSAF Flight Line.

Military and civilian employees are permitted to attend CFC events as part of their normal duty day, if authorized by their first level supervisors. Commanders and Directors are highly encouraged to allow personnel from their organizations to participate, mission requirements permitting. The Government cannot authorize alternate duty locations for contractor employees. Contractor employees must adhere to their respective contract requirements.

To request a digital copy of this document, please contact: [email protected]

Memo on CFC Awareness Events